Welcome to Water and Wool

Welcome to Water and Wool


I want to thank you for visiting Water and Wool and take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Susan LaCroix, a knitter, painter, explorer, conservationist, and (Sue) chef. I spend 36 hours a week doing land conservation to preserve the precious freshwater and open space we have on the planet.  When I get home, I seek creative outlets, mainly knitting and watercolor painting, to unwind from the impossible task of a conserving our earth.

I decided to start Water and Wool as a personal creative and sustainability venture.  I hope to express myself through this journey while fulfilling the mission for a better planet and culture.

I will feature my knit works as well as my journey to learn more about the origin of the tools for the craft.  I will also highlight my watercolor paintings, outdoor adventures and sustainability thoughts.

I am not sure where or what the destination is, but I plan to enjoy the journey.

I hope you will join me as we connect art and the earth, humans and nature, water and wool to enrich ourselves.

Susan LaCroix

Water and Wool

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