Breaking the Curse

Breaking the Curse

I did not know there was a curse around knitting your boyfriend a sweater, until after I had knit one and promised my handsome man a warm layer.  Not that a “curse” would have stopped me, I’m not terribly superstitious. I just love sharing warm homemade knit gifts with people I love.

I did end up running across a few posts about this curse of knitting your boyfriend a sweater.  Luckily my boyfriend and I have moved past the boyfriend girlfriend stage and refer to each other as partners now, so maybe we are avoiding it that way.

For our complicated anniversary (technically 2 years but we have been in love for 7 years just not together the whole time) I decided to share the gift of a custom sweater.  I made him a Flax Light by Tincan Knits using the beautiful yarn by Annie at Bay Street Yarns (formerly HKNT).  I couldn’t resist her unisex colors that would be perfect for me to knit for Aib and still be able to “borrow” for myself. I borrow a lot of his sweaters and flannels.


Know some may say that it is too soon to tell about the curse, but trust me when I tell you that our relationship has been tested by international borders.  Some silly little curse isn’t going to get the better of us.  While my partner is still not in the U.S. we hope to be one step closer soon by getting him on this continent.  Yes, during these times his company is trying for a Canadian visa first.  Please send us positive energy as this visa was supposed to go through last summer and we are still waiting for it.  Invisible boundaries set by power have been the biggest curse to our relationship. Yet sometimes I know that we are made stronger by the curse as well.

Back to handsome pictures of Aiby in the sweater!

(P.S. it was like 5 degrees when I asked him to take off his winter coat and do a 5 minute photo shoot.  What a trooper, right?!)

Colorways from top to bottom are Seaweed, Hot Toddy and Stepping Stones.  As you can see her colorways are stunning and she is seriously amazing!

Keep an eye out for coordinating socks with my leftover yarn!  The Stepping Stones will make stunning socks with a Hot Toddy contrast.

Have you broken the boyfriend sweater curse?


<3 Susan

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