Nuptual Shawl and Socks

Nuptual Shawl and Socks

Wowza I have a lot to catch up on!   The start to 2018 was a busy one, filled with dog sitting for extra yarn money, being Maid of Honor for my sister’s wedding, and trying to get myself out of a rut, semi unsuccessfully.

Let’s start this string of catch up posts with the good!  I was able to knit my sister a gorgeous wedding shawl and her groom matching socks!  It was over 80 degrees on their wedding day so even the dainty shawl and light socks were too much on the special day, but while she waited to walk down the aisle she amused me with a few photos.

Since it was too hot at the Wedding, in June they took some photos of them at the Lake for me!

Yarn is Machete Shoppe in 2 custom colorways and Purrmaid with the green stripes from Bay Street Yarns in Seaweed.



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