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Dotting the Rays and Crossing the Stitches

Dotting the Rays and Crossing the Stitches

This is a very delayed posting of my Dotted Rays shawl! The shawl was completed in early 2018. Dotted Rays was designed by Westknits. This is all Yarnpimp Yarn dyed by Kelly of Mom Yarn. I LOVE this pattern, I highly recommend knitting it! The […]

Nuptual Shawl and Socks

Nuptual Shawl and Socks

Wowza I have a lot to catch up on!   The start to 2018 was a busy one, filled with dog sitting for extra yarn money, being Maid of Honor for my sister’s wedding, and trying to get myself out of a rut, semi unsuccessfully. […]

Knitwear Holidays!

Knitwear Holidays!

Whew! I didn’t think I would finish everything in time but in the end the cranked out enough knitting to have Christmas presents on for some of my wonderful family. Keep in mind I also was knitting Aiby’s sweater during this timeframe. I love that my weird family enjoys receiving socks and will wear them until they develop holes!

First up are the JellyRoll socks by Orange Knits!

These were knit using mostly Hookers Corner Yarns with a little Machete Shoppe.  This is a wonderful and fun pattern, I can’t wait to make more in a variety of colors and modifications! This whimsical pattern was perfect for my artist sister, Megan, of All Around Style!

Hooker’s Corner Yarn in Feelin’ Lucky, Here Comes the Sun and Sweet Thang.  Machete Shoppe Yarn in Bad Banana.

I also did the Confectionary socks by Orange Knits. I love how these color ways play together and it is perfect for my litter sister who LOVES purple! The pattern was challenging for me as to get the polka dot effect, you must pull the yarn super tight for the dotted rows. This irritated my wrist so I only did it six times on each sock rather than 18+ times. The pattern creates extremely beautiful socks but the dot pattern and the twisted rib down the whole sock made for a mentally consuming knit.

Hooker’s Corner yarn in Wisterious and Temptress. 

Then there is the Gather shawl by Andrea Mowry. Green and pink are my mother’s favorite colors so I knew Succulent was perfect for her and Tea Party pulled the same bubble gum pink out of the Succulent.

Machete Shoppe yarn in Succulent and Tea Party.

I really like how Andrea writes her patterns, they are relatively easy to follow and to knit while also very beautiful pieces. My favorite is that eyelet border detail on the end.

It looks stunning on my mother!

Last but not least my future Brother in Law got a “Bae Toque” out of The Petite Wool from We Are Knitters.

He almost matches my bae in his Toque! He is from Georgia so I made it Falcons colors for him and he will need the thick wool hat for the Michigan winters.

It was a lot of work to get everything finished in time but I think the gifts were enjoyed by the recipients. I enjoy knitting for other people as well so its a win win win for everyone!!

Next up I’m making my baby brother socks. I think poor Robert might be the only family member without anything I’ve knit before.

Does your family love receiving knitwear too? I have heard of some people who don’t!

Happy Knitting!


Water and Wool

When Bae Comes to Play

When Bae Comes to Play

As some of you know, my partner and I don’t get the privilege of being together often. We met while he was going to high school in the U.S. while his sister was on a student visa.  We fell in love while he was in […]